Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Options

Published: 14th September 2011
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Even though surgery has become an increasingly popular option for dealing with hair loss, there are a number of non-surgical alternatives as well. For those who do not wish to pursue any type of elective surgery, are averse to its cost, or who simply don’t want to commit to any permanent changes, there are several good possibilities.

Wigs and Adhesives

Wigs are probably the oldest non-surgical method of hair replacement. Unfortunately, they’ve had some drawbacks. They often did not look real, and did not stay on very well. Both of those problems have been solved. A high-quality wig can be made with real or synthetic hair and should look completely natural. In addition, there are now new waterproof adhesives that make sure the wig stays attached to the scalp, even while swimming or bathing.


If you have any hair of your own left, you might consider a weave instead of a wig. A weave is a type of hairpiece that can be attached directly to your existing hair. Technological advances make it possible for a weave to match your existing hair almost perfectly. A well-trained specialist should be used to make sure the hair matches and that the weave is properly installed. If done incorrectly, it can cause greater hair loss.

Transdermal Membrane Graft

A transdermal membrane graft is a new way of attaching a hairpiece to the scalp. The hair is injected by hand into a membrane no thicker than a contact lens. Once attached to the scalp, it is almost impossible to distinguish between the membrane and the scalp itself.

Vacuum Prosthesis

A vacuum prosthesis is somewhat similar to a transdermal membrane graft. It uses a slightly thicker silicon shell that has also been implanted with hair by hand for a realistic look. The shell is attached to the scalp with a thin polyester adhesive, creating a strong vacuum seal, and making it extremely difficult to remove or distinguish from the scalp.

For those for whom surgery is not an option, there are fortunately some really good alternatives for hair replacement. Even wigs are much better-looking and can stay in place much better than in the past. In addition, weaves, the vacuum prosthesis, or the use of a transdermal membrane graft can also be used as ways to replace hair.

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